LAMPP Cooperates:

LAMPP cooperates with select organizations to create special partnerships. These important relationships add depth and broaden the Project's base. Every LAMPP partner agreement is centered on the principal that living photographic arts represent a historic cultural treasure.

Industry Partners:

Our partners in the photographic are a key link to the community. The Project solicits organizations that want to engage the photographic community through event sponsorship. Industry relationships with individual artists help to communicate LAMPP goals on a broad scale. There are many different professional organizations within the photographic community. Each speaks to specific disciplines within the craft. The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), or the Advertising Photographers of America (APA), just to name a few.


The Project's relationship with universities and colleges emphasize a mutual commitment to preserve and integrate the insight and experiences of the master photographer with future generations. LAMPP Education partners represent institutions with which the project has an active relationship. Government Agencies Relationships with Government agencies, programs, and grants help the project with funding as well as create awareness for the living master photographer as a national arts treasure.