LAMPP Quotes: Participants Arnold Newman: ???I am pleased to be a part of such a distinguished group of photographers. This project is important for now and especially for the future.??? Robert Farber: ???A good number of years ago you started a project that was quite ambitious. Your passion and dedication to the LAMPP project seems to have paid off. You have created something that will have historic value in world of Photography." I appreciate all that you are doing, and I am happy to be a part of it.??? Harry Benson: ???As each photographer brings something different to the table, the LAMPP project will make it much easier to find out just what. It is an historic documentation that will certainly become the 'who's who' of photography.??? Greg Gorman: "LAMPP's role in the history of photography is key. As preservers of the masters of photography, Paul Waldman is responsible for keeping this important legacy alive. It's great to see all of the real faces behind the images. I am proud to be a part of such an illustrious group." Sally Mann: "I really do like them (her LAMPP portraits). You had such an engaging (and engaged) manner that I was immediately at ease... at ease because I felt at home... as if I was surely a creature of the temperament... Considering that I hate like nothing else to have my picture taken, the time with you was very rewarding. You've actually gotten a picture that the whole family agrees is pretty good." Douglas Kirkland: "I am very impressed with the incentive you are showing in bringing your "photographers" project together, and glad to be a part of it." Andreas Feininger: "I know that I am a difficult subject to photograph. But you were able to overcome this shyness and produce two pictures which, I feel, caught the essence of my personality within the frame of good composition. And that, my friend, is quite an accomplishment." Lynn Goldsmith: ???What we see in Paul Waldman's diverse range of portraits of the individuals behind the camera, is not only a composite visual record, but a profound portrait of the human family who comprise the new direction of photographic portraiture in the second half of the 20th century.??? Sid Avery: "It is truly an honor to have my name listed among many of the great master photographers of our time. Many thanks to the LAMPP for creating a living photographic history!" Mary Ellen Mark: "I wish Paul Waldman the very best with his project. I'm pleased to be a part of it." Lois Greenfield: "Paul Waldman has a very keen vision. When he first told me of his project, I never imagined the final result would be so captivating. He is generous, professional, and devoted to his craft. I am pleased to be a part of the Living American Master Photographers Project." Donna Ferrato: "The most difficult challenge for any photographer is to free their feelings of control, to let go in front of a stranger's camera. Paul Waldman has the right stuff to capture such strong willed people. He has a patient and persistent way with the camera and a gentle sense of humor. I wish him all the best with his ambitious document on living American master photographers." Sheila Metzner: "I am happy to be considered a master and glad to be a 'living' one in the eyes of Paul Waldman." Matthew Rolston: "Thank you for our photo session together and your generosity. The portrait you made of me and the other artists in the series show you to be talented and your belief in the project to be admirable. It was my pleasure to participate in the project and I look forward to seeing your Living American Master Photographers Project completed and I wish you much luck with the exhibition and book." Allen Dutton: "Having embarked on the long overdue project of photographing significant living photographers, Paul Waldman has in my opinion shouldered a responsibility which has intimidated most documentarians." Jack Mitchell: "Photographing another photographer is nearly always a tension convention, but your non-threatening, loose and disarming manners produced some excellent portraiture. Besides the others, I also very much like the pictures you did of me." Hans Neleman: (On The LAMPP) "Photographs of faces behind the photographs, a rare opportunity artfully revealed." Jacques Lowe: "I am glad to hear that you have interest now in your book titled The Living American Master Photographers Project (The LAMPP). You have worked long and hard to make this book come to fruition. I certainly want to add my voice to those who believe that the book will be a fine addition to the current bibliography and history of photography. I wish you well, and I will be glad to stand by you if you need additional any help." Robert Glen Ketchum: "Your Living American Master Photographers Project is a great idea. I am especially impressed with the broad, eclectic selection of photographers you have chosen to include. The prints of the others you have photographed look great. I like the clean simple lines of your compositions and your fine sense of black and white. Since I have never seen a book in photography that so broadly explores the leaders of today's visual making, I look forward to your completion and publication of this material." Chester Higgins (New York Times): ???Your project has placed us all as lighthouses on the shores of visual possibilities. May we stand as sentinels for the many eyes in the photography world to behold and enjoy. Perhaps, our works will inspire others to find the harbor of their eyes." John Loengard: ???The peculiarity of photography is that photographers don't get photographed. The LAMPP changes that and will give the world a greater sense of the humanity behind many of the images the future will know us by.??? Deborah Turberville: ???Thank you for your patience with my twists of ego??? I loved the [LAMPP] photographs.??? Quotes: Community Karen Smith-Pilkington: President, Kodak Professional, and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company: ???LAMPP pays important tribute to professional photography while creating an historic body of work that will enrich future generations." Alan Zimmerman: President, Hasselblad USA: ("Hasselblad USA Inc showcased a number of images from the LAMPP project at our booth during the Photo Plus East 2001 trade show. The print exhibit met with great success and generated considerable interest among the many photographers attending the show. The LAMPP concept and execution is testament to Mr. Waldman and the Hasselblad equipment he used to created the images.) "In the years to come, this body of work will become a legacy to modern photography and the masters who elevated the medium." Carla Popenfus: InStyle Magazine Special Editions: ???It is with great interest that I am following the LAMP Project. I believe it will be a valuable history for years to come.??? Leah Bendavid-Val: Senior Book Editor, National Geographic Books: ???Your idealism and unflagging effort on behalf of the monumental project you have conceived (the LAMPP) is inspiring. I will watch with great interest as your important work unfolds.??? Mary Panzer: Curator of Photography; The National Portrait Gallery: As someone who spends a lot of time looking for portraits of important people, I can imagine that future students and historians will be very grateful to have this record. What a terrific opportunity!??? Phyllis Giarnese: Director of Content, Solus Images; New York: ???You live up to the name of your project. Keep the LAMPP burning. As a historic document of American Photographic perspective, the LAMPP has proven itself as a significant body of work. Your portraits are truly captivating.??? Terry Pitts: Former Director of The Center for Creative Photography: ???It???s very important that people such as Paul Waldman create archives of portraits and interviews with living photographers. There are too many photographers working now to let any opportunity pass. The future will thank Paul for his efforts.??? Pat Hunt: Stock Photography Consultant, Port Authority Consultants, Boston, MA: ???I am impressed with the quality of the (LAMPP) photographs. They give a personality and a soul to the artists involved, and will offer lasting value to our photographic history. Keep up the good work.???